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DealMaster Pro Announcement

What’s Happening?

We are pleased to announce that our work on re-building DMPro is nearing completion, in fact we are just awaiting
the result of our final testing round.

We are delighted with the outcome of what has been a task and a half but the result is simply outstanding. It will also allow us to add far more functionality, especially for teachers. It is easy to download and really friendly to use, with all of the previous functions, which Ed Ma had developed and which we have found a daunting task to improve on but we have done it!

From 1st February 2022, we are stopping to issue the original DMPro or to offer continuous support, however, if you send me an email ( I will send you, as soon as it is available, a free trial package of DealMaster Pro+

Terry Collier
Director – IDEALER Ltd
Cambridgeshire, England

Dealmaster Pro™ has an unsurpassed array of powerful functions
for Teachers, Clubs, and Players

For Bridge Teachers

Professional printout formats!
Organizational functions!

Dealmaster Pro saves you hours!

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For Bridge Clubs

The best deal generator!
Hand records with makable contracts!
Design your own travelers!

Works with Dealer 4, Duplimate and all dealing machines!

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For Bridge Players

Generate deals to your specification!
Use with the included Deep Finesse function for analyses!
Create Hand Records of your BBO deals!

Limited only by your imagination!

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“Absolutely indispensable”
Bob Hammon

“Superb, easy to use”
Fred Gitelman

“What a fantastic program”
– Larry Cohen

“Best teacher I’ve had”
– Roy Welland

“Very finest analysis tools”
– Eric Rodwell

“Dealmaster is dynamite!”
– Eddie Kantar