About Ward and Sons, Inc.
Creator of the Ultimate Bridge Program

Designing the Ultimate Bridge Program

Ward and Sons, Inc. is a one man company founded in 1976 by EdWARD C. Marzo. He has spent most of his career developing and managing data processing systems for large corporations. In recent years, he has been an independent consultant, designing database applications for a variety of companies.

Ed Envisioned a Better Way

In 1995, Marzo, a social bridge player, recognized the need for a computer program to enable the building and maintaining of a professional database with information about bridge deals. This would make possible the entering, annotating and classifying data about a deal and permit easy retrieval and printing a variety of forms. An associated deal generator was envisioned.

The Dealmaster is Born

He created the first version of The Bridge Dealmaster and showed it to several authorities in the bridge world. The reception was very enthusiastic and led to additions and modifications. Demonstration of the product at the 1995 summer NABC in New Orleans created additional enthusiasm.

Since then, the product has grown, largely because of the continuing stream of ideas from users. It is now used throughout the world. The initial concept and framework have not changed.

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What Two Experts Say:

“Without question, Dealmaster Pro is the finest program available for bridge teachers, analysts and clubs.”
-Benito Garozzo, All time great world champion

“Dealmaster Pro is absolutely indispensable for partnership bidding and for analysis of simulations”
– Bob Hamman, World’s top player