Dealmaster Pro™ Bridge Simulator Features

Simulator Overview

In general, a Simulator is a special form of deal generator which enables the user to simulate conditions which may have happened during an auction. Simulators are used by advanced players for penetrating analyses of alternative bid possibilities. Dealmaster Pro’s Simulator provides that facility, but also is used by many users as their deal generator for all problems.

Dealmaster Pro’s Simulator provides principal functions not available in its Deal Generator. It is powerful and versatile and enables players and teachers to generate deals to virtually any specifications for bidding practice and convention analysis. Generated deals can be analyzed by the included Deep Finesse function for unique statistical summaries of trick taking potential and best opening leads.

A Quick Look at the Simulator

  1. All features are controlled with mouse clicks or simple key entry.
  2. You can enter the 13 specific cards held by one or more hands. For example, if you want to simulate possible responses to a specific holding in West, you can enter that West holding.
  3. You can enter OR conditions and NOT conditions. Dealmaster Pro™ allows up to twenty such alternate definitions for each hand (N, E, S and W). For example: You want to define a One Club opener as 12-19 HCP, Balanced or Not, except 15-17 HCP balanced. Here you would use just two of the twenty possible definitions: Number one would accept a deal if it had 12-19 HCP; No. 2 would reject any deal if it had 15-17 HCP and was balanced.
    • This facility makes it possible to generate multiple types of deals in one session … example, intermix deals for Weak Two’s, Strong Two’s and 1NT with Stayman response; or intermix game potential NT deals with slam potential suits deals.
    • Deal generation with the Simulator is extremely fast. On today’s fast computers, it deals and checks about 50,000 to 100,000 deals a second for simpler specs. More complex specs are, of course, a little slower.
    • The Simulator reports the number of deals made to find the deals meeting your specs … thus providing a convenient way to compute the fequency of any set of specs.
    • One of the unique features is that for many specifications, you can indicate if you want the specs to apply to this hand alone or to this hand and partner’s hand combined. Example, you can say “I want 25-27 HCP in N and S combined.”

In More Detail

  1. Up to 20 alternate definitions can be entered for each hand, each of which can cause a deal to be accepted or rejected.
  2. Each of the 20 definitions for each hand can control:
    • Balanced/Not balanced/Either. You can indicate if 5422 and/or 6322 should be defined as “Balanced”.
    • HCP. For this hand … or for this hand and partner combined. Example: 23-28 HCP in East and West combined.
    • Controls (A=2;K=1). For this hand … or for this hand and partner combined.
    • HCP in any two specified suits. For this hand … or for this hand and partner combined. Example: Maximum of 10 HCP in Spades and Hearts combined.
    • Distribution points by suit. Define distribution points any way you want. Each of N, E, S and W can have distribution points defined differently.
    • Suit lengths and honor combinations within any specified suit … or within any of the suits not otherwise specified. For this hand or for this hand and partner combined. Example: For North and South combined: In either major, 8 or 9+ cards including two of the top three or three of the top five honors.
    • Suit length rankings. Example: Spades must be longer than any other suit; Hearts must be equal or longer than C and D. Any possible combination may be specified.
    • A powerful, unique scheme for controlling hand shapes.
    • The specific holding (ie the 13 cards) of one or more hands can be entered.
    • Any one of the 20 definitions in one hand may be made dependent on one or more of the definitions in other hands.

Statistical Analyses

When deals have been created by the Simulator, they can be analyzed to determine the makeable contracts and best opening leads for selected hands and suits.. The results create a valuable statistical summary. For example: an analysis showing how much better a 4-4 fit is than a 5-3 fit.