Dealmaster Pro for Bridge Teachers

With Dealmaster Pro™, you’ll enjoy preparing lessons!

Great Organizational Tool
• Endorsed by the ACBL Educational Department

  • Enter deals
  • Enter notes about them
  • Classify them
  • Store the deals in a professional database

Create exactly the deals you want!

The Simulator (Deal Generator) is a powerful tool that enables you to quickly generate deals that meet any specifications that you choose. For example, you can easily create deals for classroom discussion which will illustrate conventions such as Stayman and Blackwood. No more agonizing sessions of manually creating deals for your classroom play.

Professional Printouts Save Hours

You can easily recall deals, edit them and prepare any of numerous printouts with just the information you want. Students will love being able to take the printouts home to study and review their lessons.

A Satisfied Teacher Says:

“I cannot recommend Dealmaster Pro highly enough.”
– Ellen Caitlin Pomer
Prominent on-line bridge teacher

Dealmaster Pro is Endorsed by:

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