Dealmaster Testimonials

Brent Manley’s Review in the November 2006 ACBL Bridge Bulletin (Rating: A+)

” There are many ways a player can try to improve: play regularly, read bridge books, watch experts and/or seek their advice (or play with one if you can afford it). Another avenue is the computer, i.e., software.There are a few good teaching programs out there, notably those created by Fred Gitelman, but the field is not rife with truly effective products. Dealmaster Pro, introduced 11 years ago mostly to produce random deals, now is so extensive in its capabilities that no serious bridge partnership should be without it. Using this marvelous program, you can restrict deals to create sets of hands for bidding practice of specific conventions or methods, use it to decide on modifications to your own agreements, determine the best opening lead against any contract—the list goes on and on. (Part of) the analytical program Deep Finesse (another fantastic program) is built in to assist in whatever you attempt.

Ed Marzo, creator of DM Pro, has sold thousands of copies of the program to bridge teachers, who use it to create class material and hand records (with makeable contracts) for instructional play. Bridge clubs use it to create hand records and design their own travelers. Many of the top players in the world have assisted in the refinements of DM Pro, and they are regular users. You and your partner should be, too.”

All time great world champion Benito Garozzo
“Without question, Dealmaster Pro is the finest program available for bridge teachers, analysts and clubs. I have used it for years with great success.”
Award winning author Barbara Seagram, Toronto:
Dealmaster has changed my life. I used to spend hours writing out hands for students to take home to practice and they never looked particularly professional. Now I am preparing hands and quizzes for them like never before. They are absorbing so much more because they can look these over at home and not just in the classroom. I can insert notes with each hand and this is fantastic. Dealmaster has so many features and is so easy to use. And customer support is first rate.”
American Bridge Teachers Assoc. Quarterly Summer 2000
“The ABTA wishes to recognize Ed Marzo and award him with a special citation for his work in creating DEALMASTER. We don’t usually do this, but his program has done so much to help us as teachers to improve our teaching and presentation and has helped countless students to better learn the game. Ed is an exceptional man who spends hours helping teachers in person and over the phone to deal with their specific needs …. We wish to therefore award Ed with a special Citation and a certificate for his devotion to our profession.”
Many time National Champion/author Larry Cohen:

“What a fantastic program! Either of Dealmaster’s two principal functions is well worth the price…I cannot conceive of a better tool for Bridge teachers to organize lessons and generate printouts wanted. I am fascinated by the simplicity and flexibility of classifying, storing and recalling deals … Class preparation will now be fun…

Dealmaster’s deal generator is the most powerful and easy to use I know … an ideal tool for players to generate deals for bidding/play practice and for simulations…

“I know many clubs … love the handsome Hand Record.”

 Italian world champion Andrea Buratti:
Truly outstanding program for Bridge Teachers to organize and plan lessons. And the deal generator is superb.”
Mark Urstein, Lausanne, Switzerland (former member, Swiss National team)

“I see about 150 Bridge students a week. Bridge students love examples, exercises and lesson papers as their daily support system. At one point I became totally lost and submerged by paperwork, most of it being very difficult to prepare, keep track of etc..

“… two and a half years ago, I got Dealmaster and my life was completely transformed. Every week, I prepare two sets of lessons working with Dealmaster three or four days. Now I actually enjoy preparing the lesson materials. I couldn’t live without DM. Neither could my students !

“… if you have trouble believing all this, here is my offer. If you are ever in beautiful Lausanne, contact me and I’ll invite you to one of my Dealmaster supported lessons. Or, perhaps you’d prefer to play in my Tuesday evening club tournament where the hands are dealt by Dealmaster’s winning hand generator, and printed by DM directly onto the travellers. After the game you’ll leave with a great looking hand record, so that you can show everyone all the deals you played so well.”

“Of course… there is a simpler way … just get Dealmaster ! I know this software from A to Z. There is no other tool like it. If you are a Bridge teacher or an intermediate or better player who wants to create a data base of Bridge deals or to generate bidding and play exercises, Dealmaster is for you.”

Moisidis Antonis, Athens, Greece:
“You make a very good program.!!!!!! The update (to version 2.0) is fantastic!!!!!!!
Sid Ismail, South Africa Club Owner, Expert, Teacher
“I can honestly say that your program is terrific! A first-class for bridge organisers and Teachers.”
Michael Nistler, Petaluma, CA Creator of
At our instructional website, we have found Dealmaster Pro the ideal analytical tool to help the aspiring Bridge player. In addition to its ability to generate hands meeting any imaginable criteria, the quick double dummy analysis provides immediate answers to frequent bidding and play questions. Dealmaster Pro is an outstanding tool to answer “What If?” questions based on actual evidence – far more powerful then telling a student “because I say so…” Thanks again for a great product!
F.R. Applegate, Hays, KS: President, American Bridge Teachers Assoc.
“…a great program. I have changed my teaching based just on this program. I no longer sort cards, just give students printouts from Dealmaster.”
Joe Payne, Los Angeles:
My favorite use of Dealmaster is to settle those interminable bidding arguments by running one or two hundred hands representative of the problem. That tells me the likelihood of a real occurence as opposed to a theoretical occurence.”
Green Valley (AZ) Duplicate Bridge Club:
“The directors at our club are very pleased with Dealmaster. We use it for our club championship and duplicate games. It is user friendly and it is very easy to use the clear, legible hand records.”
Edward Layton, San Diego, CA:
” … by far the simplest to use … for recording and locating specific type of hands.”
Pat Bradley, Toronto:
“I find Dealmaster an invaluable tool for improving my bidding skills. I can generate hands in a few minutes that will provide me with more opportunities to use a convention than I would otherwise have in a year of playing.”
Linda Lee in Masterpoint Magazine:
Beauty is its simplicity. Ideal … for bidding practice.”
World Champion Karen McCallum:
” (Dealmaster) has saved me hours of drudge work. It’s put an end to all the picayune little detail work of getting the hands properly aligned. I’m most impressed with its ability to prevent 12 or 14 card hands and to avoid duplication of a card…”
World Champion Karen McCallum:
” (Dealmaster) has saved me hours of drudge work. It’s put an end to all the picayune little detail work of getting the hands properly aligned. I’m most impressed with its ability to prevent 12 or 14 card hands and to avoid duplication of a card…”
Author Bernie Chazen:
Perfect for all Bridge teachers and players who want to save deals and categorize them.”
Jack Fleissig, Freeport, NY:
“After using Dealmaster, I felt I must drop you a line. It is one thing to rave about Dealmaster, but another thing when you get raves from the ultimate benefactors, the students…. Thank you for a dynamic program.”
Peter Halford, England:
Saves lots of time (preparing) 30 boards for each lesson … I take the file to the club and use the Duplimate machine. Also, it prints acetates which I project to discuss the hand with the students.”
Richard Bley, Germany:

“Incredibly useful … I love it … worth every penny.”

(Jan 2003) “Still the best bridge software I know and I know a lot of them…”

Brigid Battiscombe, London:
“What a brilliant teaching tool Dealmaster Pro is! … not only a wonderful way of storing lessons on the computer but students love being given a handout with notes of the hands played during the lesson.”
Carolyn Hodel, Chico CA:
“Thanks for the great help and the great program. No bridge teacher should be without it. It saves hours and hours of work…”
Brian and Joy Saville, Calgary Bridge Unit 390
“The bridge players at our club love Dealmaster Pro hand records. They find them a good learning tool. “
Daryl Fisher, New Orleans, LA:
“Please send me the upgrade to (Dealmaster Pro) … the program has been a godsend to my teaching …. I (am) impressed with your prompt and friendly support of your product.”
Steve Adelson, Scottsdale, AZ:

“Just a note to tell you how much I have enjoyed using Dealmaster. The on screen instructions sure make it easier than having to look everything up in a manual.

” The ability to print in many different formats is very helpful in planning … lessons. The … operation for each screen couldn’t be easier.”

Dr. Glen Orr, Oregon, IL:
“I use Dealmaster to randomly deal hands modified by my constraints…(it is) an exceptionally flexible and adaptive tool.”
Leona Rieger, Austin, TX:
“When I enter a hand into Dealmaster, I classify it… Then when I have a lesson on a certain subject, I can pull those hands up… Being able to flip the hands around is such a big help. … I highly endorse Dealmaster.”
Eric Kokish/Beverly Kraft, Toronto:
“A great addtion to our office. For a complex program, it is remarkably user-friendly. And, when needed, we get immediate support.”
Stephen Maltzman, No. Plainfield, NJ:
“You have a wonderful program that I use all the time for my duplicate bridge classes … (and) your response to any problems has been extraordinary. … you are doing an exceptional job using the input from users.”
Bob Hamman, World’s top player
“Dealmaster Pro is absolutely indispensable for partnership bidding and for analysis of simulations. It continues to have valuable improvements. I give it an unconditional endorsement for players at all levels.”
Roy Welland, 2007 ACBL Player of the Year
“Dealmaster Pro has been the single best teacher I’ve had – not only do we learn a great deal … but it’s fun, too”
Prominent on-line bridge teacher Ellen Caitlin Pomer:
“As an ACBL accredited teacher who has been teaching online for over 10 years at which time Bridge Forum (, the largest online bridge school, was founded by me, I cannot recommend Dealmaster Pro highly enough. I am able to provide students with specific hands for use on Bridge Base Online (BBO) with the ‘simulator’ (deal generator). In this way students can be assured they will learn all the topics they need to know with vivid examples. Students can also generate deals of any specifications and use the part of Deep Finesse included in the program.”
Harold Feldheim. well-known bridge writer and player
“Without DEALMASTER PRO, creative bridge writing would be arduous. With Dealmaster, it’s a pleasure. DM Pro’s facilities to create consistently on-target deals is a spectacular benefit for any serious bridge player. I unreservedly recommend it as the best bargain in bridge.”
H. Anthony Medley, author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Bridge”
“…exactly what I wanted … easy to learn … a dream to use. …support was prompt, considerate and extremely helpful. If only all software were as good and reliable as this the world would be a much better place!”
World Champion Eric Rodwell:
a tremendous program … outstanding organizational tool. Numerous great printouts. I love being able to record notes about intriguing deals. Teachers should benefit from this and from the wonderful classification function. The deal generator and simulator are the very finest analysis tools available..”
Shawn Quinn, World No. 1 player
“A super-powerful program with a great array of valuable features. The deal simulator is by far the best I have seen … we use it to generate deals for bidding practice. The tie-in with the Deep Finesse double dummy analyzer permits invaluable analytical studies. Other features make it a complete organizational tool for bridge teachers and writers with numerous printout options. And bridge clubs benefit from the the unique Hand Records which show makeable contracts for each deal. Very highly recommended.”
Maritha Pottenger, San Diego, Gold Life Master
“Dealmaster is a fantastic program! I use it to create hands and store hands I create by categories (e.g., Jacoby 2NT for bidding; End Plays for Declarer Play; Suit Preference Signals for Defense, etc.) for my various classes and private tutoring sessions. It also is very easy to use to generate hands (and hand records) for the games I direct. I’ve been using Dealmaster for six years and am totally satisfied. (When my computer died and had to be replaced, the tech support was also great for retrieving everything!) I highly recommend this program for anyone who teaches bridge or needs to create hands (and hand records) regularly for duplicate play.” Mini McKenney winner (La Jolla and San Diego) in 2005 and 2006
The Bridge World magazine (Aug 01)
“Multi-faceted … (simulator) is a user friendly version of the techniques employed in John Lowenthal’s BOREL…. In what may be a hint of a future trend, this product allows different capabilities to be combined conveniently … Anyone with a creative bent and bridge-deal curiosity will have a ball with this software.
Phillip Alder (7-12-01 syndicated column)
Computer software … gets better and better. The latest gem is Edward C. Marzo’s Dealmaster Pro. It is easier to use than the late John Lowenthal’s Borel. And rather than study the output yourself, you can feed it into (the) Deep Finesse double-dummy analyzer. You also get numerous other options.”
Petra Hamman, Dallas, World Champion
“What a great program! First, the super powerful Dealmaster Pro simulator helped us generate deals for practicing for the World Championships in Maastricht. Now, DM Pro is saving me all sorts of time as I prepare great materials for my bridge classes … it even generates files for our Duplimate machine so making up boards is a snap.”
David Stern, Grand Master. Owner, Double Bay Bridge Club, Australia
Any players who want to have a meaningful post session discussion on the hands will find the Deep Finesse analysis embedded in Dealmaster Pro’s hand records most invaluable. This feature is on top of what is already an outstanding program for generating specific or random hands. Club owners, teachers and players alike should seriously consider this program as one of the ‘must haves’.
Eddie Kantar, famous Bridge Teacher/Author
Dealmaster is dynamite … great for teachers and students.”
ACBL’s Julie Greenberg in The Bridge Teacher, Sept 2000

“Do you hate the drudgery of making up professional classroom materials? The exasperation when trying to create a dozen deals illustrating a lesson concept? The drudgery of making sure you haven’t missed or duplicated a card? The tedium of trying to create professional looking handouts for your students? Would you love 25, 50 or more deals, completely random or to any specifications you want, printed in a Hand Record format with accompanying travellers? Would you be delighted with a complete computer library of all your favorite deals, each classified in multiple ways for efforless retrieval? Would you like to be able to switch cards between hands, rotate hands, flips hands, flip suits … all with just a mouse click?

Dealmaster Pro, the latest product of the fertile imagination of Ed Marzo, provides easy solutions to all the above …. and much more. Dealmaster Pro, the successor to The Bridge Dealmaster, has complete “On-line” help, making it easier than ever to learn and use the numerous functions of the program. And Marzo is always available to answer questions … one of the reasons he was awarded a special citation by the American Bridge Teachers Association at their recent annual convention.”

Paul Soloway (1941-2007), all time ACBL master point leader:

“Dealmaster’s deal generator is unbelievably powerful and delightfully user friendly … ideal if you want to improve your game by creating deals for bidding and play practice. Its marvelous sophistication and flexibility are coupled with numerous printout options. And all that power with no more than clicks of a mouse button!

“If you teach bridge, you will love Dealmaster … (it) is a steal at the price.”

Marty Bergen, many time National Champion; award winning author
“If you teach bridge, you’ll love Dealmaster, and your students will too. Numerous convenience features eliminate virtually all the tedious work of lesson preparation. You can print almost any format you want. The easy-to-use deal generator enables you to create excellent examples of deals for your classes, no matter how simple or complex your specifications. There is nothing like Dealmaster on the market.”
Bill August (1924-2001), renowned bridge teacher and author
“Dealmaster not only saves the bridge teacher hours of tedious work, it gives him the tools to prepare professional classroom materials. The deal generator is by far the most powerful I’ve seen … superb for creating deals for bidding practice and classroom exercises. I give it an AAA thumbs up!
Ricardo Cardone, Buenos Aires, Argentina
“I am a bridge teacher and Dealmaster Pro is the best program ever written. I use Dealmaster Pro to prepare all my clases and the exercises for my students. They can practice between classes and improve their game a lot faster. We are all happy. The printouts are easy to read and I love to have options. It´s like I can do anything. My hands file is well organized. I can get to the hands for a particular class in a second. Thank you for letting me do a good job.”
Madeline Bloom, Great Neck, NY:
I have been delighted with … Dealmaster, but not nearly as much as my students. They love to see the hands I print out after lesson and play. When I run a game, they get the same printouts of all the hands on one sheet and feel they are in a real tournament.”
Bruce Toder, Fairport, NY:
” …the best all around bridge program I know. As a club director, I use it to create deals for games with multiple sections (where overalls will be awarded) and to print hand records. Being able to add notes to the hand records about upcoming events is a wonderful feature. For teaching, I use Dealmaster’s deal generator to create numerous deals for class discussion and practice. As a player, I generate deals to test the viability of new conventions. And the Goldway format is great for bidding practice.”
Dr. Lynn Berg, Deland, FL:
“Teachers and directors who want to offer good service to their clients in a professional manner need Dealmaster for easy delivery of a high quality product. Players love hand records — and they love attractive ones even more!”
Marshall Levine, Chicago, IL:
“Two reasons I like Dealmaster: the simulator permits my partner and me to create and print the hands of specific point count and distribution so we can rapidly develop and easily practice our bidding systems. Secondly, the quick, personal, pleasant and complete attention we get from the support staff.”
Brent Manley in ACBL Bulletin:

“By listening to his users and incorporating their suggestions, Marzo has transformed his program into the top deal generator on the market. (And it) is ideal for teachers because of all the notation features.

“Dealmaster is equally useful for partnership bidding practice…”

“If you have a computer and the desire to improve your game — or your teaching standards — Dealmaster should be in your library.” (Review in the November 1997 ACBL Bulletin)

Fred Gitelman, creator of Bridge Base:
“superb, professionally designed, easy to use program for bridge teachers. Powerful facility to build a file of deals, each classified with the user’s own classifications. Extensive, flexible printouts.”
Nancy Abbott, Arlington, VA:
“I have used Dealmaster with great results for my classes. I like being able to print out hands, suggest bidding and opening leads, as well as design hands for specific problems. I have always received prompt help when I had trouble using the program because I was a computer novice and jammed it up.”
Bill Carli, Granite Bay, CA:
“I use Dealmaster to generate specific bridge hand problems for my … classes. This had always been tedious and time consuming. But no more. I just enter desired parameters into Dealmaster and out spews hand after hand of what I am looking for. Another very nice feature is the … support. I cannot say enough about Dealmaster … it is great.”