Product Features

Foreign Languages

Dealmaster Pro™ has options to enable the user to select languages other than English for captions on printouts. Thus, foreign language words for the following may be printed:

  • North
  • South
  • East
  • West
  • Dealer
  • Neither Vul
  • N-S Vul
  • E-W Vul
  • Both Vul
  • Opening Lead
  • All Hands
  • Illustrates
  • All Pass
  • Pass
  • Double
  • Redouble
  • NT
  • Board No.
  • Contract
  • By

Dealmaster Pro is shipped with the FRENCH, ITALIAN and GERMAN translations installed. Any one of these is easily changed to another language.

Duplimate Files ™ and Dealer 4 Machines

You can create files to be used in DUPLIMATE and Dealer 4 machines to make up boards automatically with cards.
(Duplimate is the trademark name for the machine produced and marketed by Jannersten Forlag Company of Avesta, Sweden.)

PBN files

PBN files with makeable contracts can be created for input to The Bridge Composer and to the ACBL program for website display

LIN files

You can also create and export LIN files for BridgeBase Online files.
You can also import BridgeBase Online files (LIN files).

Files for Bridge Playing Programs

You can create files for the following Bridge playing programs: GIB, Micro-Bridge 8, Q-Plus, Bridgemate and Perfect Partner Bridge You can also create and import BridgeBase Online files (LIN files).

Winword and Word Perfect Files

You can create a WordPerfect (version 6.0 or higher) or Word for Windows (v. 6.0 or higher) file with a perfectly formatted deal and auction. There is a square califon in the middle, adjusted for the length of the long suit in West. Great for writers! You can even choose from three formats of how the Vulnerability and Dealer will show.

Export and Import

You can export and import deals from your saved database o