Project Description

In this example, all the cards have been dealt, and an auction and opening lead have been entered.

One of the hands OR the Card Deck is the “Receiving Hand” (currently East). Change the Receiving Hand by clicking on “North”, “East”, “South”, “West” or “Card Deck”. If one or more cards have not yet been dealt, click on a card in the card deck and it goes to the Receiving Hand. Made a mistake? Just click again. The “Card Deck” shows where dealt cards are: ie “Kn” in spade row means Spade King dealt to North.

To move a card from one hand to another: click on a card in a hand and, presto, it goes to the Receiving Hand. In the sample, clicking on the club 4 in North will move it to East. So simple and so flexible!

Rather use the keys? The arrow at the right of the card deck points to a suit row (currently spade). If the spade Ace was not yet dealt, pressing the “A” key would send the spade ace to East. Change the suit row by using the up/down arrow keys.
Fill three hands … the rest are filled automatically.