Miscellaneous Bridge Topics

How easy is it to enter all the cards in a deal?

A click of the mouse or one key stroke enters each card. When 3 hands are full, fourth fills automatically.

What if I make a mistake entering a card?

Just repeat the click or key stroke to undo an error.

Can I move a card from one hand to another?

Yes, with one mouse click.

What if I know only the cards, for example, for North and South?

A click of the mouse will deal the rest of the cards. Don’t like the results? Click again until you like what is dealt.

Can I rotate the hands?

Yes with a mouse click. And you can just as easily Flip any two hands or any two suits.

Can I enter the auction?

Yes. With mouse clicks or key strokes. And it’s easy to correct an error or start over.

How about Dealer and Vulnerability and the lead?

Again…just a click of the mouse.

Anything else?

You can also record, if you want, the source of the deal and the Session Name and Date. These are valuable for reference and documentation.

What do you mean by “classifying” the deals?

For future reference, you will want to indicate what each deal represents (NT opener, Dummy Reversal, Weak Two, etc.). You can classify each deal up to ten ways. Just click the appropriate classifications for this deal from a master table of classifications.

What is the Master Table of Classifications? What if I don’t find the Classification I want in the Master Table?

You make the Master Table whatever you want it to be. Add a new Classification whenever you want.

What do you mean that the Classifications are “for future reference”?

When your database of deals becomes large, you can easily select the deals you want to review by specifying the classifications you are interested in.

How do I enter a Notes?

There is a built-in modest Word Processor (text editor) through which you can enter Notes.

How long can the Notes for a deal be?

As long as you want. Write a book if needed.

Why do you call them “Notes”?

Because you can enter up to three Notes for each deal. When you enter a Note, you can divide it into three parts. Example: Note A might state a problem; Note B could give the solution. When you want a printout, you can indicate what part or parts of the Note should print.

Can I put suit symbols in the Notes?

Yes. For example, for the K of spades, you would enter “K^s”. On the printout, the “^s” would be translated to the spade symbol.

What is the format of the printout of a deal?

There are numerous formats:

1 deal per page
2 deals per page (similar to 1 deal per page)
4 deals per page
6 deals per page (similar to 4 deals per page)
8 deals per page (similar to 4 deals per page without the Note option.)
18 deals per page (Hand Record)
and other specialized printouts for bidding practice,making up boards, etc.

What prints out for each deal?

Suppose I only want a printout of North and South? You easily select which of the following is to print:

    • Dealer
    • North
    • East
    • South
    • West
    • Vulnerability
    • Auction
    • Lead
    • Which part of the Notes (on 1, 4 and 6/page printouts)
    • Classifications

What if I want a large font printout for a projector?

There is an option for that, too.

Suppose I want two printouts: one with all the information and one with just the North and South holdings?

One screen provides the options to create up to four different printouts, each with just the data you want.

If I print 4 on a page (or 6 on a page) and my Note is too big to fit, what happens?

Dealmaster will show you how much of the Note will print and offer you an opportunity to edit the note before it is printed!

What do you mean by a database for deals?

Instead of storing each deal as a separate included file as you would with a Word Processor, Dealmaster automatically stores all the data related to a deal in a professional database file. This makes it very easy to find deals for editing, printing, etc. You locate and extract deals you want either on the basis of the way you classified them or on the session name you gave them.

How many deals can I select at one time?

Any number.

What happens when I select the deals let’s say that are classified as “Stayman”?

You are presented with a Browse window, one line for each deal. The details of the current deal are shown at the left of the browse window.

Suppose I want to print only four of those selected?

Just enter “S” in front of each deal to be printed.

Suppose I want to delete a deal in the database?

Just enter a “D” in front of that deal.

Could I have the program create, for example, 10 deals illustrating Weak Twos?

Yes. An important advantage of Dealmaster is that it has no built-in definitions of conventions. You have complete control over what each convention means. You build your own library of definitions. You can control High Card Points, total points, Controls, Shapes, Suits with stoppers, cards in each suit, etc.

Dealmaster’s Deal Generator works at different levels, from simple to advanced. Use the level to meet your needs.